Northern Territory Government

Always Be Crocwise

Your personal safety is your responsibility, think about your actions and do not become complacent.

Safe behaviour in and around Top End waterways is important.

Be Crocwise when you are boating and fishing

  • Always be extra careful when you are around Top End waterways
  • Stay alert when you are launching or retrieving your boat
  • Saltwater crocodiles have attacked people in boats, don’t lean out of your boat or dangle your arms or legs over the side and remember the smaller the boat, the greater the risk
  • Stand at least five meters back from the water’s edge while fishing, and never stand on overhanging logs
  • Always dispose of your fishing rubbish well away from the water’s edge
  • Do not enter the water to retrieve a lure and get out of the water as quickly as possible if you fall in

For more Crocwise information, get the boating and fishing in the Top End flyer PDF (1.5 MB).