Northern Territory Government

Always Be Crocwise.

Many Territorians live, work and play in areas near where saltwater crocodiles are found.

Most Territory towns and urban areas including Darwin and the Darwin rural area are located on the coast, harbours or rivers. These are all places where saltwater crocodiles live.

Saltwater Crocodiles are dangerous. You should never take unnecessary risks in crocodile habitat.   

Saltwater crocodiles can be found in fresh and salt water, stay safe in areas that may have crocodiles.

Hands Crocodile

  • When you are fishing, camping or swimming in the Top End stay alert at all times to the threat posed by saltwater crocodiles
  • Never approach, interfere with or feed crocodiles, even small ones
  • Camp at least 50 meters from the water’s edge and avoid areas where animals come down to drink
  • Do all washing and food preparation well away from the water and select a different spot to fill your bucket each time you collect water
  • Make sure that there are no fishing scraps and food waste left around your campsite, always dispose of these properly
  • When fishing keep your arms and legs inside your boat at all times, use a net or gaff to retrieve fish and remember, the smaller the boat the greater the risk
  • If you are fishing from the bank stand at least five meters away from the edge. Don’t go into the water to retrieve snagged fishing gear.