Northern Territory Government

Saltwater crocodile policy

In the early 1980s the Northern Territory Government implemented an “incentive-driven conservation” strategy, to inform the public of the environmental and economic benefits of crocodile conservation. Positive incentives were created through commercial activity (tourism, crocodile farming and ranching) and negative incentives countered by an active ‘Problem Crocodile’ control program.

This incentive-driven wildlife program has been a major conservation success story that is seldom played out with large and dangerous predators anywhere in the world. Saltwater Crocodiles are no longer a threatened species in the NT and have recovered such that they are now abundant.

The Parks and Wildlife Commission has crocodile survey and trapping programs in the following areas: 

  • Darwin Harbour
  • Darwin rural areas
  • Katherine town region
  • NT parks and reserves. 

Outside of these areas, only crocodiles that pose a risk to public safety are trapped and removed.