Northern Territory Government

Crocodile Management Program

The NT Government uses a risk-based strategic management approach to determine the level of management activity suitable for an area.

Risk management strategies vary in intensity depending on a number of factors, including:

  • management techniques appropriate to the location
  • public use of the area
  • criteria to allow opening of water-based activities, criteria for closing water-based activities and closure practices.

Northern Territory saltwater crocodile risk management framework 2021-2026 PDF (4.9 MB)

The NT Government also assists other landowners and managers to manage crocodiles on their lands.

Management practices alone can’t eliminate the risk of crocodile attack and public education is critical to reduce the risk of crocodile attack for Territorians and tourists.

The Management Program addresses the balance that is required between conservation goals, sustainable harvest, growing industry, and maintaining public safety. It focuses on mechanisms to improve public awareness and safety, on population dynamics, harvest limits and monitoring the impact of the harvest on population trends.

The aim of this management program is: To ensure the long-term conservation of the Saltwater Crocodile and its habitats in the Northern Territory.
The program has four principal objectives:

  1. To facilitate the sustainable use of Saltwater Crocodiles;
  2. To promote community awareness and public safety;
  3. To ensure the humane treatment of Saltwater Crocodiles; and
  4. To monitor and report on the impact of the harvest of Saltwater Crocodiles.