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Get creative

Design and graphics activities for students

Use the following Be Crocwise visual activities in your classroom:

  • create a crocodile collage or poster using clippings and images from newspapers and brochures
  • create textures/patterns and images inspired by crocodiles to print on fabric or posters
  • use hand, foot and body prints to make life-sized crocodile images, use these to compare and contrast saltwater and freshwater crocodiles
  • research the number of businesses that have nothing to do with crocodiles but have used saltwater crocodiles in their marketing/advertising to promote their businesses
  • design a logo or a graphic design package such as a letterhead, flyer, or banner for a mock business and use saltwater crocodile images in your design
  • research the fashion and design industry and where saltwater crocodiles have inspired fashion, also look at where saltwater crocodile leather has been used in the fashion industry
  • design a collection of crocodile inspired clothing for a particular theme: evening wear, sportswear, resort wear, beach clothing, shoes, bags or head gear
  • create a sculpture of a saltwater and a freshwater crocodile using recycled materials only.

Language and maths activities for students

Use the following Be Crocwise activities in your classroom:

  • use length and weight measurements or crocodile distribution in mathematics studies
  • set up debates and forum discussions using role plays to investigate the impact of saltwater crocodiles in your community
  • create an anthology of crocodile poems, songs and stories
  • write a jingle or song about Be Crocwise that could play on radio or TV
  • write a rap about how deadly saltwater crocodiles are
  • research how many books, both fiction and non-fiction, have been written about crocodiles and investigate the themes that have been covered
  • write a story about how your community sees saltwater crocodiles and produce it as a book to present to your school library - If possible translate this book into at least one other language spoken by children at your school.

Performance activities for students

Use the following Be Crocwise activities in your classroom:

  • write, produce and perform a musical based on a crocodile story
  • make a film about saltwater crocodiles set in your community or school
  • research and find out how many movies, documentaries and feature films have been made about saltwater crocodiles
  • compare and contrast the different genres of movies - which are scientifically accurate and which have used artistic licence.

Tourism-related activities for students

Use the following Be Crocwise activities in your classroom:

  • create a restaurant menu using saltwater crocodile as your theme
  • research your ingredients and write up the menu to make it sound irresistible - include entrees, mains, desserts and drinks inspired by saltwater crocodiles
  • imagine you are starting up an exclusive tour guiding business based around crocodiles in the NT - design itineraries and experiences and a brochure to promote your crocodile tour guiding business
  • imagine you are a landscape or exhibit designer for a new crocodile theme park with live animals and interactive displays and themed rides. Create a landscape plan for the theme park by researching what is needed to house and display saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat.
Last updated: 04 Jul 2016